We engage legacy and state-of-the art technology to design the future today!

We make use of artificial intelligence to bring out the best of human intelligence. From us you can expect energy, great ideas and rigorous implementation.

We love to translate business challenges into technological solutions. We stay hungry, foolish and ahead of the pack!
𝑓 ( engage, Artificial Intelligence (AI) ) = engAIge

What a mistake! engaige is wrongly spelled. The correct way would be without an "i" after the "a". Engage means to employ, interest, fit together or begin fighting. 

But what does it mean to be right or wrong? Digitalization, Corona, and climate change have shown that what is "right" today, might be "wrong" tomorrow. But what is "right" and what is "wrong" and what will be?

Finding a fitting solution for your problems

Together with our clients, we do not work to find the "right" solution to replace a "wrong" one.  Instead, we strive to find the most fitting sustainable solution to solve your business problem quickly and thoroughly. 

If you have not found the most fitting solution it is because you are still looking for the "right" one. 

Open, Curious, Courageous

We see ourselves as "disruptive challengers". 

To find the fittest solution, we think out of the box, make use of our versatile and extensive professional experiences from divers domains such as Insurances Corporates, the German and European Parliament, global Marketing and Communications Advisories, Non-Governemental Institutions (NGOs), Management Consulting, and combine these with our top noch technology expertise. 

Empathic, Consequent, Efficient

Gut feeling is very good and plays a weighty role. However, facts are essential as well in decision making. We consider emotions, rely on facts and work with data to deliver the fittest solution. Both sides need to be in balance otherwise it does not fit, even though it might be "right". 

Numbers & Facts
Years professional experience
Happy Clients
Successful Projects
Percent self-financed
Respectful, Responsible, Trustful

Together we discover and lift your business potential hidden in your data. Working with data offers opportunities and risks. Not everything that can be done with data should be done. We always treat your data with the necessary respect and responsibility, especially when it comes to sensitive, personal data. Human dignity is inviolable. This is our guiding principle. 

Passionate, Analytical, Ambitious, Humorous

Our technological solutions always follow your business. We are passionate about developing the fittest technological solution in order to make your business successful. Our ambition is to be ahead of the game, use our business savviness and tech expertise to give your data purpose. 

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